This page contains links to various puzzle-related web sites.  They are in alphabetic order.

This extensive UK website carries an impressive inventory of commercial jigsaw puzzles and related items.  Well worth a visit from the serious jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.

Jim Ayer has built a computer-controlled water-jet-based machine for cutting wooden jigsaw puzzles.  I can only marvel at his perseverance in overcoming the multitude of problems that must have arisen during the development.  His puzzles are cut with a very fine kerf, and his figurals are extremely intricate.  I have a couple of his jigsaws which I exchanged with him at recent Puzzle Parleys.

This is the web site of Lara Braithwaite.  I met Lara at the 2010 Puzzle Parley held at Salem, MA, and saw a selection of her beautiful puzzles.  Lara also has a store on Etsy,

This is John Stokes’ site.  It is complex and detailed, as are most of his jigsaw puzzles.  In my opinion, John is one of the finest jigsaw puzzle cutters today.  Unfortunately, he claims to be in retirement, and cuts only the occasional puzzle now.  I met John at the 2008 Puzzle Parley held at Sturbridge, MA, where he sold every one of the puzzles that he brought with him then (wish I could say the same!)

This is the scrollsaw club that I belong to.  We meet once a month in Irving, Texas, and guests or new members are very welcome.

This site is a community of “stores” that sell handmade items only.  It is not unlike eBay, except that all items are fixed-price.  I have a store there,, where you can find a selection of my puzzles, including some not offered here on

This site is run by Katie whom I met on Etsy, where she also has a store  She also operates under the name Double Trouble Puzzles.

This is the site of Melinda Shebell whom I met at the 2008 Puzzle Parley held at Sturbridge, MA.  We have exchanged puzzles and I can attest that Melinda is an extremely talented and inventive puzzle cutter.

This is Karen Vollstedt’s site.  Karen cuts great jigsaw puzzles, and puts them in her own handcrafted boxes.  We traded puzzles on our initial contact, and I think I got the best of that deal!

This is Bob Armstrong’s site.  He is a jigsaw puzzle historian and expert restorer of vintage puzzles.  His site is a treasure trove of jigsaw information.  He is the driving force behind the Puzzle Parleys which are held every year or two at various sites around the US.

Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers and puzzles for sale.
In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.

This forum is dedicated to the art of cutting puzzles with a scroll saw.  From time to time I contribute to the threads and discussions.
You will need to register to view the images, but it is free.

Stave is the Rolls Royce of jigsaw puzzles.  Supplier to royalty and other rich and famous people.  Their puzzles are absolutely excellent, and their prices make mine look like mis-prints!

This organization stages woodworking shows all over the US.  Once a year they have a show in the Dallas, Texas area, and my scrollsaw club, DFW Scrollers,, has a booth there manned (and womanned!) by enthusiastic members and their scrollsaws.  In 2011 the venue was the Irving Convention Center.

This is Andrea Farnham’s site.  I met Andrea at the 2010 Puzzle Parley in Salem MA, and was very impressed with the quality of her puzzles.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since she learnt her trade at Stave, where she worked for a number of years.