Puzzle Boxes

Turtle Teasers puzzles are supplied in a sturdy plywood box with a sliding lid.  I make these boxes using the same high-quality Birch plywood that I use to make the puzzles.  Since it is my aim that the puzzle should last from generation to generation, it is important to put it in a box that will last just as long.  No nails, screws or other fasteners are used in these boxes, just glue.  The boxes have a distinctive puzzle-cut motif on the lid-pull.


Some puzzles are supplied in oak-veneered plywood boxes, and occasionally some other veneered plywood may be used.  In all cases, the boxes are constructed to a high standard, and will store the puzzle safely.


Oriental-themed puzzles are sometimes supplied in a similar box made from 1/4” bamboo to complement the subject matter.

BoxEnd40 BoxTop36

Occasionally, for special puzzles, I make a fancier box to the same design.

This one is made from solid bamboo with the TurtleTeasers icon inlayed in black walnut.



Puzzle Box

This is a puzzle box that contains a jigsaw puzzle.  The box is opened by sliding the pieces of the turtle on the lid.  Inside is a jigsaw puzzle of a turtle.  Click on the photo for more details.

Box View03