Puzzle within a Puzzle -  $200.00  (includes shipping)

This is a puzzle box containing a jigsaw puzzle.  You first have to solve the problem of opening the box to get access to the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.  The lid of the box cannot be removed until it has been released by sliding the components of the turtle on the lid.  This takes 7 moves.  When the box has been opened, the 196 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are revealed and the fun can begin!  The jigsaw puzzle is “Turtleteaser”, my signature puzzle created by Heidi M Drake.

Box View04



      The box is opened by the 7 moves shown in the photos below:

      Box Closed    Box Move 1      Box Move 2    Box Move 302   Box Move 4    Box Move 5    Box Move 6     Box Open02

            Box Closed                            Shell Right                                    Head Forward                           Shell Right                               Head Forward                      Tail Back                                Shell Left                                    Tail Back    -     Box Open

The original idea for the locking mechanism on the underside of the lid was found on the Internet at this location:


This is the web site of Bruce Viney, who has designed many different type of puzzle box, and I adapted his free plan for a puzzle box named “The Shield”.

I made many changes, the most significant being modifying his security shield into a turtle, and fixing his lock so that it was stronger and more precise, but I am indebted to him for the inspiration.

Here are photos of my locking mechanism, which are hidden in the finished product:

Lock Closed      Lock Open

                                  Lock Closed                                                                                           Lock Open


    The puzzle is my signature jigsaw puzzle “Turtleteaser” by the contemporary New England artist Heidi M Drake.

Image860    Back86

Box Bottom

The label affixed to the bottom of the box describes the puzzle inside, and contains the cryptic message (SR HF SR HF TB SL TB) which reminds you of the instructions for opening the box (Shell Right, Head Forward, Shell Right, Head Forward, Tail Back, Shell Left, Tail Back).


To Purchase this Puzzle

If you would like to purchase this puzzle, please send an email to sales@turtleteasers.com and I will reply with a PayPal invoice.

If you prefer to pay in another manner, mention this in your email and I will correspond with you to arrange the details.