Special Offer

To introduce you to Turtle Teasers puzzles, you can buy a miniature version of a circular Turtle Teasers puzzle for $15.00 including postage.

This puzzle has been cut from a print of the Green Sea Turtle painting by the talented New England artist Heidi M Drake.  It is made from high-quality Baltic birch 5-ply, and comes in a small sliding-lid box just like the larger Turtle Teasers puzzles.

Although small (3” diameter) and with only 25 pieces, this is not a trivial puzzle and will pose a challenge to all but the seasoned puzzler.  It represents the quality to be expected from a Turtle Teasers puzzle.

To buy one of these puzzles, send an email to sales@turtleteasers.com mentioning “Special Offer Circular Puzzle” and saying how you would like to pay for it.  PayPal is preferred, but money order or personal check is OK.

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