Kawase Hasui Puzzles for Sale

All the puzzles on this page are from paintings by the Japanese woodblock artist Kawase Hasui.

Kawase Hasui worked in the 20th century, following in the footsteps of the classical woodblock artist such as Hiroshige and Hokusai.  His images are more modern, with striking use of color and perspective.

All of the puzzles on this page were cut from images taken from Cavallini wall calendars (see www.cavallini.com)  These high-quality reproductions are mostly printed on superb paper with a linen texture.  Click on the small images below for a complete description of individual puzzles.

Click on a picture to see more details of the puzzle.


Each Cavallini puzzle on this page is supplied in a sturdy plywood box similar to the one  shown above.  The sliding lid has the Turtleteasers logo inlayed in a contrasting wood.


#822 - $350.00

9” x 12-3/4”  -  527 pieces



#833 - $250.00

12” x 8”  -  401 pieces