Custom Puzzles

This page shows some Custom Puzzles which have been cut to customers’ requirements.

You can check into having a jigsaw puzzle made from your own picture by emailing to

Due to the special nature of custom puzzles, each will be quoted for individually.  However, the table below gives a ballpark estimate of the price for the standard large format print sizes available from  These prices do not include any printing or shipping charges, which will be passed on at cost.

Each custom puzzle is supplied unassembled in a sturdy wooden box with sliding lid.  A guide photo is not normally supplied, but can be by arrangement.

For custom puzzles, a 50% pre-payment is required before work starts, the remainder is due when the puzzle is ready to ship.


Approximate Number of Pieces








20” x 30”







16” x 20”







11” x 14”







8” x 10”








Class Photo (#369)

20” x 16”  -  52 Pieces

A friend asked if I would donate a puzzle to her daughter’s pre-school fundraising auction.  Her husband took the photo and printed it.

It raised $300.00!



Kindergarten Drawing Class Project  (#462)

19.5” x 13”  -  100 Pieces

This is another fund-raising item conceived by an innovative kindergarten teacher who had recently taught her students to draw themselves.  She made a collage of the individual drawings, then took a photo which was printed as an enlargement.



With LOVE to Nana and Grandpa  (#811)

8” x 9.5”  -  219 pieces

This is one of my favorite puzzles ever!  It was commissioned by the daughter as a gift for her parents’ 55th wedding anniversary (that would make it in 1955!).

The photo of the handsome couple on their special day is timeless.  Being monochrome must have considerably increased the difficulty of solving it .


Brothers (#394)

30” x 20”  -  220 Pieces

As a result of the school auction (see above), I received a number of further orders, including this one, also printed by (this is the largest size that they offer).  I also made two smaller puzzles for the grandparents.



My Friend  (#655)

19.5” x 9.5”  -  518 pieces

This puzzle was commissioned by a gentleman for his wife’s birthday present.  He wrote “We have a pet turtle and she loves that damn thing, so I want to get a puzzle made from a picture of him for her B-day!”

He mailed me a .jpg file which produced the superb photo shown above.



Ellen and Kenneth (#254)

30” x 9”  -  580 pieces

This puzzle was made as a wedding gift for two young friends.  They provided a favorite photo as a jpeg file, which I cropped to a panoramic aspect ratio and sent to to be enlarged to a 30” width.



Austin and Allie, December 2006 (#223)

8” x 10”  -  179 pieces

This puzzle was made for one of my cycling buddies.  She had the photo taken in a studio, and, in order to get a  colorful and interesting background, she took along a shower curtain!  Clever girl!

She also bought smaller, simpler versions to give to the grandparents.



Hanifen (#266)

10.5” x 7.5”  - 213 pieces

Jim Hanifen is President of Hanifen Co. (  Hanifen operates a fleet of heavy-duty tow-trucks.  He is a useful person to know if your 18-wheeler has overturned on the highway, or if your 747 has overshot the runway!