Puzzle Archives

This page contains images of Turtle Teasers jigsaw puzzles that have been sold.  This will give you an idea of the subjects and sizes of the puzzles that can be created.

If you would like to purchase a puzzle similar to one of these, please contact sales@turtleteasers.com, giving the puzzle number, the size (width & height in inches) and the approximate number of pieces that you would like.  I will then reply with a proposal.



Wisteria at Kameido Teijiro Shrine

A Wood Block Print by Utagawa Hiroshige

4” x 6”    124 pieces



The Garden of the Artist at Argenteuil

by Claude Monet

24” x 16”    768 pieces


Be My Valentine (#221)

6.5” x 5.75”  -  98 pieces

Note the heart-shaped interlocking connectors.